healing: the journey is a return to grace

Ongoing Energetic Support

You're walking a spiritual path. So am I.

Sometimes the going gets rough, I know. A lot of the time no one around you has any idea what you're talking about. Or, they’re all counting on you to be clear and strong and certain, even when you’re not.

There's weather out there and the way can get rugged.

But you, you have work to do. You've been called. You don't need a guru. You're not looking to follow anyone else's way. You have your own adventure to unfold.

Still, wouldn't it be nice if you weren't so on your own? If, in carrying on the work you've been called to, in the glorious way that only you can do it, you had support. Someone who's got your back. Someone to comb the wind from your hair, untangle you from the thicket, re-kindle your compass.

This is the work that I am called to, and I would be honored to companion you on your way.


Golden Bowl Devotions

Altars, blessings, daily devotions.

I will make a place for you on my altar, you will receive the showering blessing of my daily devotions. 

Petitions & Weather Reports

When you need help, ask for it. There is deep magic in asking. Use it. Send me an email or a text. Let me know what's up for you and I will respond.

I, in turn, will reach out to you, asking for weather reports, asking to hear how it is with you. I will ask and I will listen.


Journeys, clearings, chelation, blessings, ritual, sound, stones, color, vibrational remedies, conversation. Curiosity. Wonder. Resilience. Love.

I will perform a weekly energy clearing for you. Like sweeping the floor, it’s good maintenance.

As needed I will perform other healings - targeted clearings, shamanic journeys and soul retrievals, guided meditations, table sessions (remote but realtime) working energy through your chakras, clearing blockage and making field repairs. I will craft for you rituals and vibrational remedies as inspired by our explorations.

I will hold you in the golden bowl of my devotions, and I will sing to you of you.

At the end of a cycle, a year's time, I will compile for you the tellings of our work together, a book of you. A beautiful thing.


By invitation. Space limited.