healing: the journey is a return to grace

Altars, Blessings & Daily Devotions

Every day I heal myself.

As often as not that work produces language - poems, prayers, blessings, healing stories. I have witnessed the power of these tellings and devotions. Things shift. It is good.

I have on my altar a broad bowl lined with little cups for each of the people I am holding in my care. In the cups are herbs and stones and tokens of love and healing particular to that person.

At the end of my daily practice, when the energy is high and bright, I lift the bowl and breathe the blessings of my practice over it. I speak the name of each person held there, claim kinship, voice love. Sometimes I'll draw a card for the altar, or call on the particular help of particular guiding spirits. On the quarter days I do a reading of the altar as a whole. 

When there are words, I send them out.

If you'd like, I will make a place for you on my altar, you will receive the showering blessing of my daily devotions.

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