healing: the journey is a return to grace

Spiritual Energy Healing

We are all energetic bodies.

We affect and are affected by everything around us. Often, when something difficult enters our energy fields, we resist and block it. It’s a natural reaction, but that blockage becomes a dam in the flow which can lead to difficulties in how we show up in the world and what we are able to receive and how we are able to evolve and eventually will show up in our physical bodies as ailment or injury.

Spiritual energy healing is a practice focused on releasing those blocks in our energy fields and repairing any trauma that has occurred on an energetic level, working to assist your return to your own inherent perfection.

I practice many modalities including sound, color, stones, vibrational remedies (oils and essences), chelation, visioning and journey work.

Because of my writing practice I tend to interpret my impressions of energy metaphorically, like flashes of dreams. All my offerings include a written or recorded follow-up telling my impressions. These tellings act as healings themselves, renewing and deepening the work.

I offer both one-time and ongoing support, and can work either remotely or in person. 

I'd love to work with you. Contact me and we'll talk.

I wish you well.