healing: the journey is a return to grace


What is there to recommend me?

I am a mystic poet healer. Mother, wife, sister, daughter, business partner, friend. Every day I heal myself. Every day I need healing. It's like doing the dishes. My kitchen stays pretty clean these days. Except when it's a glorious mess. And then there is feasting.

My practice is to sift through the turbulence of life for the truths that ripen, strengthen and illuminate, and then to sing those truths out. I've spent a lifetime learning to honor and polish myself, to hold open the communications between my mind, spirit, heart and body.

In the last few years I have begun to discover, study, forge new ways to offer this practice as a service to others. As I sing myself, so might I sing you, and so mirror back to you a new perspective, an affirmation, a doorway.