healing: the journey is a return to grace

Soul Tonics

vibrational remedies 

The energies of flowers and stones can act as keys to unlock stuck energies. When you are off-kilter, an elixir can help you return to alignment.

I have walked around half a day carrying a grief in my belly that would not let me be. When I finally thought to try an elixir, I watched the ache fade and subside within minutes. A beautiful thing.

Water holds the intentions it receives in its very structure. In these elixirs, water holds the energetic imprints of the flowers and stones as well as the words that wrap the bottle. We infuse the water with these energies, the water holds them and gives them back when you need them.


Steps for usage:

  1. Gather yourself
  2. Take up the elixir and state your intention
  3. Shake the bottle to wake it
  4. Spray it into the air above your head and let it fall down through your energy field.

  5. Spray your chair, your bed, the room...
    The spaces we occupy can all benefit from this gentle re-alignment.