Telling: Swords & Arrows

She says

L: It’s nice to sit out here. It’s always been nice to sit out here. I think this is my favorite part of your house.

A: Yeah.

L: Sitting out on the patio.

A: Yeah.

L: With the birds.

A: And this and that and that and that (disparaging)

L: Just don’t look at that.

A: Mmh. I do.

L: I know. (laughing)

A: I have to have TOO MUCH (laughing)

L: (sigh) I know.


A: uh. It is a lot, but anyway. Go go go. It’s a long kind of life. Can you hear?

L: The siren? 

A: Right, uh-huh.

L: Yeah.

A: ugh. Ugh. Why do they sit down time.

L: mm

A: But no I’ll no do it. I get the mine. But I’ll just go on and go. I really will.