Telling: Swords & Arrows

He says

B: Wait! Push me back! Push me back!

H: Into the chair Mr. K. We're getting you into the chair.

B: The chair? Ok. No. Wait. What are we doing?

H: We're getting you off the bed into the chair.

B: I'm not sure about this. Wait. What are you doing?

H: I'm holding you under the arm. No, under the arm, like that.

B: Ok just wait.

H: Here we go. Here we go.

B: Ok. Ok. Wait!

H: Good. Good. There you go.

B: Ok. Ok. Ok.

H: Good now. Good. You Good?

B: Ok, but let's not do that again.

H: Don't you like getting out of bed Mr. K?

B: I could live without it.