Telling: Swords & Arrows

Dragon Holes

Recently I have been as a Prince, deep in the briar hedge, cutting my way through. There is no telling from here whether I am THE Prince and will emerge into kissing, or whether I am destined to linger always among the thorns, this my kiss, and this, slicing.

And then, I read a man* speaking of divination, saying (in summary):

We see the world as two worlds, the Real and the Other (unknown, unseen, divine). Suffering is being caught in the "real" without access to the "other", trying to get from the Real what is the gift of the Other, which is meaning, which is bliss. Shifting your perspective from actual to symbolic is to see the Other in the Real, the halo and flow of it, the potentials. In this way you are set free. This is what poetry does. This is what divination is. The Taoists speak of it as "Opening Dragon Holes".

That is all I ever want to do, open a dragon hole and whoosh and ride on. And again.


* Stephen Karcher, The Oracle of Kuan Yin