Telling: Streams & Logs

10 Things


  1. It’s not the neighbor dog out barking in the dark. It’s the little red dog, so stop blaming.

  2. She doesn’t want to see me every week. She says, “You’ll get tired of me.” I am pinned on this turn of politeness.

  3. I decline a shopping bag then drop the slippery packages on the linoleum.

  4. The cards I bought to match last year’s blue, don’t.

  5. The included SIM card removal tool, isn’t.

  6. A child on youtube instructs me in the use of a paperclip, the art of unfolding.

  7. No one explains how to get the old card into the new tray without touching the gold contacts. Only the warning not to.

  8. Getting the right phone into the right return box is something of a french farce.

  9. To get the videos of the purchased webinar series you have to open the pdf for each session and click the download link which is all the pdf contains.

  10. Why don’t content providers understand how much nicer it would be for users if series file names were numbered so that they fell naturally in order when spilled into the receiving filesystem?