Telling: Streams & Logs

10 Things


  1. The replacement phone’s screen has sharp edges. Instead of going immediately to the store to inquire, I begin the transfer process which tethers me to the desk all afternoon.

  2. Here’s a file containing all the paperwork concerning the purchase of their house in 1989. Do we need any of it?

  3. Here’s a printout of an email he received with “cute quotes about sex”. Politicians and comedians.

  4. Here’s a letter from a bank from 30 years ago explaining how to pursue the lost stock income through the state’s unclaimed property department. I check out the website and this very lost property surfaces.

  5. The same clerk is at the phone store. He recognizes me. He doesn’t wear a uniform like the others.

  6. The clerk initiates a replacement for the replacement.

  7. When he sees my monthly bill he says, “Why are you on such an old plan?”

  8. “Because I am an old lady.” I actually say that.

  9. He gets us on a new plan where everyone gets unlimited data and insurance covers 9 phone replacements amongst the 4 of us over the course of each year and it all costs half of what we have been paying.

  10. When I leave he steps around the corner for a smoke while the other clerks begin closing up shop.