Telling: Streams & Logs

10 Things


  1. Outside the glass, the barking dog, the ringing insects.
  2. This one small pool of light.
  3. A white lamp with a red cord.
  4. He says my blue dress makes my eyes more blue.
  5. He says my green shirt makes my eyes more green.
  6. She says it wasn't right not to include her in the meeting.
  7. He says, I feel better now. after we craft the Release Notes.
  8. She says, You don't want to talk to me now, I'm a mess. But I would love to talk to you. after she unplugged all the cords to stop the beeping and so lost the internet.
  9. The teller says, Just write: Not used for intended purpose.
  10. The IRS grants that it was an honest mistake.