Telling: Streams & Logs

10 Things


  1. Climbing out of the shower to find it raining, the wet on the gray. Standing naked at the window, mirroring.
  2. Losing coherence every time he speaks to me. Short tempered.
  3. Pulling dog hair from the stack of horeshoes by the fireplace.
  4. The word housedress.
  5. Dead wasp in a jar. Hot sauerkraut blister on the roof of my mouth.
  6. My chair surrounded by boxes of books to give away.
  7. Her asking if Alzheimers was going to kill them. Him answering yes, or something else. Working through the horror together.
  8. Bubbles rising out of the porcelain planter in the sink.
  9. Pink bottle of rhododendron essence, waiting in a glass.