Manifesto of a dream teller

  1. My life wants to be spoken by me.
  2. The telling of my life allows me to continue breathing.
  3. The telling of my life makes room for everything.
  4. I tell the same story over and over. It is the story of me living my life. 
  5. The purpose of my life is the telling of it. To witness and testify. 
  6. There are ten thousand verses to this song. Not all of them pretty, though the singing tends to tilt them in that direction, beauty, truth, love. Because the singing itself is an act of love. An act of redemption. A birthing which is itself a parting and farewell.
  7. Sometimes there is gravel in my throat.
  8. Sound is a solvent.
  9. Language is sound, rhythm and tone, playing with memory.
  10. Language gives form to attention.
  11. Language is an embodiment of the ineffable.
  12. Telling is an act of digestion.
  13. Telling sweeps the pathways clear of the day’s conffettii.
    The day the week the lifetime.
    Clearing the instrument of perception.
  14. Metaphor is magic. Attending to imagery changes things.
  15. Stories can tell themselves in infinite ways and still be themselves only more so.
  16. The way you move through a telling matters.
  17. Honeycombs are built to collect honey. Set the comb under the dripping like a pot under a roof leak. The gathering makes a meal of it.
  18. When the dripping leaves off here and starts up over there, move the comb.
  19. If you hear me singing, I hope that your own song is roused by it. If it comes to you, let it come as invitation.