who source why
Mary Boulton The Outlander
Gil Adamson
For her courage, her perseverance, her brokenness and transcendence.
Ana "Spirit of the Beehive" For her courage, her solitude, her vulnerability and her strength in her self: soy Ana
Fos Evidence of things unseen
Marianne Wiggins
For his love and his experiments
Opal Evidence of things unseen
Marianne Wiggins
For her love and decency
Henry Take Me With You
Catherine Ryan Hyde
For the quiet of him.
Hild Hild
Nicola Griffith
For her hunger and her listening.
Morwena Among Others
Jo Walton

For her liminality and her open eyes.

Ruth People of the Whale, Linda Hogan For the way she holds herself right up against the cutting edge of the world, so tender and so fierce and so true.
The Troll who lives in his father's house Spill Simmer Falter Wither, Sara Baume For his honesty, his outsider existence and his witnessing.