Upstudy: Being in Committee

Being in Committee

Day Lords & Shift Bosses & Lords of the Hour

Contemplating the traditional astrological notion of Day Lords I found myself unsettled by the loose-die-in-a-box sort of every day is an island feel about what I could find of traditional applications of the technique. Day Lords are used in Electional Astrology to help select the best time to set about doing a thing. The basic idea being that the Sun’s day best supports solar endeavors and so on.

This makes great sense when you have a specific event in mind, but how does it play into the day by day by day flow of calendar time?  Should I only make decisions on Sunday? And who in this culture gets to devote Monday to comfort? So maybe it just isn’t a strong enough influence to use as a foundation for an ongoing weekly schedule.

But the real trouble I have with it is that days aren’t lived in a vacuum. They follow and precede one another. Sunday leads to Monday. It always does. I found myself wanting some reflection of that in the consideration of Day Lords.

This got me thinking about the unit of the Week which is implicit in the notion of the 7 days ruled by the 7 planets. Each day has a lord, but the Week itself has no lord. The week is ruled by the committee of all 7.

Thus began my exploration of the notion of Day Lords being a reflection of a position within the coherence of a larger committee, a group with different talents and perspectives, but a shared goal, and a consistent sequential passing of the baton.

Here is the most current version of the report. There is talk about the thinking. And there are charts and delineations exploring implications, using the American Presidents by way of illustration. You can also download a pdf of blank worksheets you can use to work through your own charts.

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The investigation is ongoing. If you care to engage and play with this, please send me feedback of issues or insights on either the content or it’s presentation.