Telling: Tarot

3 of Wands



Here I have arrived
and here I stand
as all that I have set in motion
plays itself out.

Nothing further is required
but to watch and wait and receive.



Plane tickets, bus tokens

Seedpods shaped like boat hulls

Something that comes by post.

Bread that has been left to rise.

The time spent waiting.



The fruit of all your labor brings itself to you. There will be feast and celebration.

There will be result at any rate, feedback on what you have tried.

Ripeness. If you wait for it.



Look through what you expect to see, want to see, and see what is.

Consider the role that you have played in bringing about these circumstances.

What is the next move? And when should it be played?



I will step down and lean in.
I will stand in the thick of things, shoulder to shoulder. Frontline.
I will turn away and leave this.
I will close my eyes, forget.

I will take no credit.