Telling: Streams & Logs

10 Things


  1. He calls to ask me to find that number to call.
  2. He says the plan to have their daughter stay the night is no longer a good one.
  3. I assure him his daughter is safe at home.
  4. Not that one, he says. The other one.
  5. He asks her her name and keeps on asking until she answers. You know what your name is, don't you? What do we call you?
  6. She asnwers with her maiden name, the one she had before her mother remairred. That far back. Who can blame her.
  7. Who wants to claim a husband who tries to send you home like a naughty child on a play date that's lasted too long?
  8. When I ask to speak to her he says, Sure, and who are you again?
  9. When I ask how she's doing she says, Not horrible, but not too good either.
  10. As he continues to explain about needing the number to call to have someone come and fetch her, I can hear her saying, It's ok. Bobby. I'm better now.