Telling: Streams & Logs

10 Things


  1. The papery parchment-colored heads of last year's hydrangeas.
  2. Last night's grill stacked with the eal's white crockery.
  3. A squirrel high in the oak, running branches, leaping gaps.
  4. A cry that might be a cat, or maybe a small child.
  5. Four brown birds landing all at once each on a separate zag of the fence.
  6. An itchy, scaly place on my skin that makes me afraid.
  7. A fingerling lizard, grey on the grey roof, flinches when a leaf blows over him.
  8. She gives me a gold star. And then she dismisses me.
  9. The morning's gathered numbers dispersed.
  10. Someone kicked in the office door, and at the end of the day, it's still broken.