9 Star Ki Personality Briefs

The elements of the 9 Star Ki can be used to look at people's energy.

We all work with all the elements, because each is necessary to move through the natural cycles of things, but we each tend to be more deeply rooted in some elements than in others, more at home. Based on your birthdate, we can figure your 3 main elements: your primary personality, your interior or child self, and your challenge or calling. Though we don't always have our homebase in our primary number, I have found that more often than not people resonate with the energy of their birthdate elements.

Qualities of the Elements

Water is yin. Fire is yang. Metal, wood and earth each have yin and yang aspects. Earth has an additional aspect which is neither yin nor yang. It is both and neither. It is the center point.

1 - Water

Philosopher. Creative, contemplative, private. Water energy speaks to a deep interior life. Water flows into the unknown. Sometimes water freezes and nothing moves. The lesson in water is to carry on despite the fear.


2 - Yin Earth

Earth mother. Sweet and caring. Comforting and comfort seeking. Nurturing. Self-less. Service. The energy of yin earth is the laying of foundations. The lesson of yin earth is to learn to care for yourself and to establish healthy boundaries.

Yin Earth is the sweetest of all the elements. It is the energy of caring, care taking and being of service. It is the "earth mother", nurturing. The danger here is to give at your own expense. It's important to learn to care for yourself and to establish good boundaries. It is also very important for this energy to be thanked for what they do. It doesn't usually happen.

3 - Yang Wood

The wood warrior. Taking action. Making plans. Devising systems. Ideas. Birth. The energy of yang wood is thrusting, breaking through. Growth. Anger. The lesson of yang wood is to move through obstacles.

Yang Wood is about getting things done, making things happen. It's about making plans and developing systems. Being on a mission. Anger is the emotion of wood. It is useful to break up obstacles. Yang wood is working energy, drive. It is the energy of birth and growth. Inspiration.

4 - Yin Wood

Gentle mentor. Movement. Timing. Change. Indecision. Wind. Frustration. Distraction. Guidance. The energy of yin wood is cyclonic. The lesson of yin wood is to stay on course.

5 - Earth


The center of the universe. Force of nature. Magnetism. The energy of earth is stable and explosive. Charismatic. Sparkling. Resourceful. Generous. Problem solving. Deep connection. Family drama. The lesson of earth is to stand your ground and to choose to live into your power.

5 earth energy is intense and powerful. Pyrotechnic. And highly competent. It can be intimidating for others, overwhelming. It can be hard for others to hold their own in the presence of 5 energy. 


6 - Yang Metal

The metal emperor. Righteousness. Sensitivity. Authority. Order. Refinement. Grief. Spirituality. The energy of yang metal is keen and sharp. The lesson of yang metal is to let go of what is done without losing the treasure of it.

Yang metal is highly sensitive, aware of more than others around them. They think they're always right and usually are. They can be highly critical and intolerant. They have a hard time with energetic boundaries and are affected by the energy of everyone and everything around them which can be excruciating. So time alone in a calm, beautiful setting, preferably outside, can be essential to maintaining health. They are nourished by breathing and by looking at the sky.


7 - Yin Metal

The metal princess. Beauty. Grace. Sensitivity. Harmony. Celebration. Perfectionism. Shape-shifting. Hostessing. White lies. The energy of yin metal is like the smooth surface of the lake. The lesson of yin metal is not to deprive yourself in pursuit of harmony.

8 - Yan Earth

The mountain. Responsible. Burden bearing. Insecure. Critical. Loyal. The energy of yang earth is heavy and immovable. The lesson of yang earth is to learn to receive.

Yang Earth is an energy that takes on responsibility. It carries burdens. The challenge of this energy is to learn to receive. There is also an element of critical assessment here. This energy sees what's wrong with things. There is an aspect of this energy which turns inward. Yang earth is the mountain and in the mountain is a cave and that's where the treasure is. 

9 - Fire

Heart connection. Empathy. Play. Socializing. Expression. Approval. Anxiety. Exposure. Vulnerability. "Here's my heart, do you love it?" Being in the spotlight. Joy. Completion. The energy of fire is rising and radiating. The lesson of fire is to develop a fearlessly open heart.

Fire is about expression and heart connection. It is an exuberant energy. There is in this energy, something about being seen and appreciated, it can express as an enthusiasm for being in the spotlight, or a deep shyness and fear of rejection.